The Biggest Problem With Real Estate And How You Can Fix It

If you’re looking to get into the world of real estate, it can seem like there are endless things to consider before you even begin your research! What sorts of real estate services do you need? Do you plan on buying or selling? How many home inspections will you have to endure? There are so many factors to consider, it can all be incredibly overwhelming! That’s why it’s so important to narrow down your choice and focus on what matters most. For example, there’s one major problem with real estate that stops many would-be buyers in their tracks.

1: No Real People

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When searching for a real estate agent, it can be tough to know what you should be looking for in one. Some agents are very outgoing and friendly, but their lack of professionalism can lead to disappointment later on in your relationship with them. Other agents may come off as distant and aloof, but they’re taking time to get to know you so that when it comes time to buy or sell a home, they have all of your interests in mind. Don’t let yourself fall into either category: make sure your real estate services don’t just work hard to win your business initially; make sure they stay with you long after you’ve closed on your house!

2: No Personal Connection

The biggest problem with real estate services is that agents and brokers lack a personal connection to their clients. The service they offer is a commodity, which is an issue because people are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust. To fix this problem, companies should incorporate a concierge-style element into their offerings: brokers should follow up with clients periodically to check in on how things are going and identify obstacles as soon as possible so they can be addressed before they become big problems. This allows people to feel like they’re working with a personal guide through the process of buying or selling property instead of just dealing with a company or person who doesn’t care about them. There’s no better way to differentiate your real estate business than through developing relationships; it makes sense to start there when improving your products and services.

3: Poor Quality Photos

Marketing materials often look better in theory than they do in practice. If your listing photos are poor quality, it can be a big turn-off for buyers, especially when you’re competing with professional photographers who know what they’re doing. A quick fix is to spend a bit of time learning how to use editing software to polish up your images. In addition to making sure each photo is cropped and edited well enough that people want to visit your property (or make an offer), you should also make sure your listing includes a variety of angles and wide shots that showcase the property at its best—whether it’s an apartment or house—and don’t forget photos of rooms that aren’t pictured on Google Street View!

4: Outdated Content

When it comes to real estate, most agents and companies can’t keep up with technology. This is where you come in. Your company provides premium real estate services and offers a wide variety of technological tools to ensure your client’s needs are met. If you want to become an industry leader, don’t overlook your content; make sure that every piece of real estate content reflects what makes your company unique. That means more than just putting your logo on it—it means creating meaningful content that elevates how people think about and engages with all things real estate. For consumers to connect with you as an expert, they have to believe that you understand them better than anyone else in their corner of the market…which means going beyond their problems or life stage.

5: Bad Design

The most common problem with real estate today is bad design. Imagine if your house had an extra door that opened into a wall, or your living room had no windows. These are obvious design flaws and you would expect them to be corrected before construction was complete. However, many people buy homes that have poor quality designs in place and aren’t aware of how it affects their experience until they’ve already moved in.

6: Difficult Navigation

The biggest problem with real estate is often its user experience. Most of us have a general idea of how to buy and sell homes, but there are so many intermediaries involved that it’s impossible to keep track of who’s doing what. For example, allows agents to post listings for free, but if you want to see more information than just pictures and price tags, you need to go through a portal like Zillow or Redfin.

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